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Blackout Straight Razor

The JBGBC Grizzly Mark Blackout Folding Straight Razor is the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razor made with strict attention to detail.


The head is made of coated steel which enables smooth shaving and resists heat, chemicals and other impurities. The rounded shaving head and optimal blade exposure provides a soft and smooth shaving experience. The purpose of the rounded tip of the razor is to gently push down the skin and disperse pressure at the blade tip, making the shave less damaging.


Providing excellent grip and control, the handle features the Grizzly Mark Brand. The blade head allows for easy blade replacement and cleaning. 


The Blackout Straight Razor is perfectly ballanced which means that when you open the razor to a 180 degree angel and place your finger at the pivot point, the razor will balance. This feature is prefered by professional barbers. 


Materials: Black Coated Steel
Size: closed length= 5 3/4"  open lenght= 8 1/4" Cutting edge= 1 3/8"
Color: Black


Blackout Straight Razor

  • This Professional Quality replaceable blade razor is great for beard maintenance, such as line-ups. Unlike your store bought disposable razors with multiple blades, you can target individual hairs to be shaved. It is great for sculpting the perfect outline of any beard. Treat Your Beard Right.

    • Blackout color
    • Extremely sharp when loaded with a blade
    • Perfectly balanced
    • Replaceable blades (Not Included)
    • Grizzly Mark brand
    • Custom Leather Case
    • Before shaving, place hot/damp towel on shaving surface for two minutes before using shaving foam to soften beard hairs, shaving will be more comfortable!
    • This Razor should be used in a special angle to avoid any cuts and skin scraping.
    • Please YouTube some  “How to Use Straight Edge Razor” or “Shaving With Straight Edge Razor” videos before you try to use the Blackout.