Our History

From Humble Beginnings

Jimbob's Grizzly Beard Care was and still is founded on a premise of providing the most authenic products available for a man's beard. We've found that there are too many products online and in stores that just don't seem to stand up to the standard of what good beard care is. For that reason, we decided to make our own. I was always told as a kid, "if you're going to do something, do it right the first time", and that sticks true today. The only thing worse than wasting time and money on something that doesn't do the best job it possibly can, is wasting that product on your precious facial hair; and trust us, we know all about taking care of our beards.

Hard Work Pays Off

Valiantly led by the man himself: James "Jimbob" Beaubien, Jimbob's Grizzly Beard Care is a hand-made and hand-packaged business. Starting from nothing more than a want for quality beard care, we've spent countless hours thinking over what oils to use, brandstorming, face-to-face marketing, and doing everything in our power to spread the word that a superior product has been born. 100% U.S. Veteran owned and operated, all of what we make is hand-crafted from responsibly imported bases and sent to your door from Lansing, Michigan.

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