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Double-Sided Beard Brush

Treat Your Beard Right!

You wouldn't go into battle without a polished suit of armor, so why would you leave your house before giving your GRIZZLY beard the attention it deserves?


  • Strong and sturdy plastic bristles
  • Massage skin to distribute natural oils
  • Super-smooth pure boar bristles
  • Promotes a healthy hair and skin


The Double-Sided Beard Brush utilizes super-smooth pure boar bristles that help seal split ends, add body, hydrate skin and hair, condition hair, and minimize breakage. The Plastic bristles provide an intensive smoothing action that adds shine, tames fly-aways, and controls static. Both sides penetrate the hair easily to distribute the beard products evenly.



All natural boar hair bristles on one side, Sturdy plastic bristles on the other. Military style beard brush.  JIMBOB’S GRIZZLY BEARD CARE engraved on one side, custom engraving upon order on the other side.

These brushes help spread beard oil and balm evenly throughout your hair and stimulate the hair follicles and promote beard growth.

Use this brush to help style and shape your beard when used with beard balm.

Double-Sided Beard Brush

  • - Double-sided wooden military brush. 
    - Soft side: gentle, natural boar bristles. 
    - Stiff side: natural reinforced boar bristles. 
    - Reinforced shoulder seams for extra durability.

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