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Dragon Slayer Beard Shears

The JBGBC GRIZZLY MARK Dragon Slayer Beard Shears are perfect for trimming the pesky fly away hairs to ensure a well groomed beard. Each set of these professional quality, Barber styling shears comes with its very own leather case with the Grizzly Mark brand. These are right handed shears with the french style finger tang. The handle of these shears is blue with a dragon head as the finger tang. The cutting shank is polished steel. 


Materials: Steel
Size: total length= 7"  Cutting edge= 2 1/2"
Color: Blue and polished steel

Dragon Slayer Beard Shears

  • These Professional Quality shears are great for beard maintenance because unlike electric clippers, you can target the individual hairs to be trimmed. They are great for sculpting the perfect shape of any beard. Treat Your Beard Right.

    • French-style beard shears
    • Extremely sharp
    • Adjustable tension
    • Dragon head finger tang
    • Grizzly Mark brand
    • Custom Leather Case

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