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JimBob's Patriot Essentials (Wintergreen/Bergamot)

JIMBOB'S GRIZZLY PATRIOT ESSENTIALS is a valiant blend of all-natural essential oils with predominant notes of Wintergreen and Bergamot. This essential kit includes a meticulously crafted Beard Oil, Balm, and Wash, the ultimate grooming pack curated for a well-groomed beard. JimBob finds this line to be a nice way to start the day after a morning shower.


"Si vis pacem, para bellum" (Let him who desires peace, prepare for war.)


America is the land of the Free, because of the Patriot. Brave patriots from all generations have faught with honor for the preservation of liberties we enjoy today.


In honor of all you freedom loving flag-waivers, we have developed this patriotic blend of our classic oils infused with Wintergreen and Bergamot. 


Patriotism is national pride. It is the feeling of love, loyalty, and devotion to your homeland and being united with other citizens who share the same sentiment.


God Bless the USA.




  • OIL: 1oz./30ml amber glass dropper bottle
  • BALM: 2oz/60ml steel tin
  • BEARD WASH: 5 oz Brick


Treat Your Beard Right with JIMBOB'S GRIZZLY PATRIOT ESSENTIALS – a tribute to the bravery and resilience of those who protect and serve.


JIMBOB'S GRIZZLY BEARD CARE takes pride in being USMC veteran-owned and crafted in the beautiful mitten-state of Michigan.

JimBob's Patriot Essentials (Wintergreen/Bergamot)

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  • JimBob’s Grizzly Essence (a masterful blend of Baobab, Apricot, Jojoba, Hemp, Coconut & Argan Oils), Wintergreen Oil, Bergamot Oil, Vetiver Oil, Lemon Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

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