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Recon Scout Beard Balm (Un-scented)

JIMBOB'S GRIZZLY RECON SCOUT OIL is an un-scented blend of all-natural plant based oils.

JimBob finds this line to be great for people with scent sensitivities or for deer hunting.


The Reconnaissance scout in the field has to be well practiced and precise in his movements. No matter the path he chooses, swift, silent, and deadly must be his only concentration.


With precision and stealth in mind, we supercharged our dangerously quiet ensemble of oils to make sure that you leave no scent in your wake.


After all, they say the quietest man in the room is often the most lethal.



BALM: 2oz/60ml steel tin

Recon Scout Beard Balm (Un-scented)

    • Beard Balm has many benefits for your skin, hair, and hygiene.
    • The area of your face where the beard hair grows is considered the beard (no matter how short or long the hair is).
    • You skin naturally produces an oil, called sebum oil. As your hair grows, it absorbs the oil to stay hydrated.
    • The longer the hair grows the more oil it absorbs. Your skin cannot keep up with the production of the sebum oil and begins to dry out. Your hair continues to grow, and it begins to dry out.
    • JIMBOB'S GRIZZLY BEARD BALM is a leave in conditioner that holds the hair ends and keeps the hairs from flying away and drying out.
    • With daily application of JBGBC you will notice your hair is softer, fuller, and stronger.
    • Your Beard will begin to train into the shape you desire.
    • Use in combination with JIMBOB'S GRIZZLY BEARD OIL for best results
    • Use to soften hair, hydrate skin to get rid of itch and dandruff, and promote healthy growth.

    Use to soften hair, hydrate skin to get rid of itch and dandruff, promote healthy growth, and tame flyways.