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5 Reasons Beard Care Should Be Important To You

Treat your beard the way you would want to be treated. Don't let your face suffer at your own hands.

Large Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear

Since when did being manly become, unmanly? Often times men see taking care of themselves as emasculating. Being a man means you don't need soft conditioned skin; you just need to be rough, tuff, and dirty. But what if we told you that pushing all of that off, meant you would be endangering the one of the most manly things you have? In this article, we will give you 5 good reasons to care for your beard and your skin underneath. You will learn why it is important to keep your skin healthy and your man mane in top grizzly shape!

Reason #1 No One Likes "Beard Itch"

Although the dreaded beard itch tends to show up around the early stages of your beard growth, often times it sticks around, and in some cases gets worse the longer your beard gets. Beard itch is caused by a few different things like ingrown hairs, but leading cause is dry skin.

As your beard grows, the oils naturally produced by your skin (sebum oil) become exhausted trying to keep your growing beard healthy. Beard oil contains oils like the all-natural jojoba oil or argon oil, that closely mimic the sebum oil your skin produces. By supplementing your skin with these oils, you can keep your skin moisturized and avoid beardruff or "beard itch". Another side benefit of jojoba and argon oil is the shine they provide your facial hair to stop it from looking dry and dead.

Reason #2 A Soft Beard Is A Loved Beard

It's no secret women love beards. They don't love just any beard though, they love a soft, healthy beard. Sure, from a distance you might be able to attract the ladies, but what happens when they get close? What are you to do when they move in for the feel and it's just a rough, scratchy mess? Making sure to keep your beard in line is essential to keeping the woman in your life happy. Incorporating beard care products into your daily routine is a good way to keep your beard nice and soft. The mixture of oils like the jojoba and argon oil provided in beard oils and balms help nourish and condition your facial hair.

Reason #3 There's Nothing Manly About An Untamed Beard

We all know the longer your beard gets, the harder it is to tame. As our beards grow we tend to get stray hairs or it just gets a mind of its own. One of the best ways to control your mane is by using beard balm.

A scoop of beard balm is like pomade for your hair. It helps those flyaway strands to get in line and stay there all day. Balm really make it easier to shape your beard and mustache the way you want it. Now you can use the balm by itself and that is fine, or.. you can combine it with the use of your beard oil and get double the benefit. If you want to use it with your beard oil, first apply your oil and then your balm. Combining a balm with oil helps retain that needed moisture for your skin.

Reason #4 Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good.

Not only is it important to make sure your beard looks good, you want it to smell good too. One of the many perks of using beard oil and balm is the different scents it provides. Often times cologne can be too over powering and we need something a little more subtle. Essential oils that are infused in most beard oils help give you that subtle scent you are looking for. Whether it's the woodsy smell of a lumberjack, a refreshing touch of mint, or maybe even the hint of lavender and sandalwood to please your lady. Beard oils can help keep your beard looking and smelling fresh.

Reason #5 Patch it up

Not everyone is blessed with the beard of a Viking. In fact, many of us have to work hard to grow a solid beard. Now we're not here to say that using beard oil is miracle grow for your face, but it helps. Often times, the lack of growing facial hair can be attributed to poor skin health. Using the natural carrier oils that are found in beard care products can help cure some of those skin ailments and promote beard growth. If you have a spot in your beard that just doesn't seem to grow like the rest of it, start up a daily beard grooming routine and there is a real good chance you'll see a noticeable difference. Besides patchy spots, beard oil and balm can help extend the length of your beard while keeping it nice and full. Using beard care products to supplement that will keep your skin healthy and your beard growing.

We've hope you've finished this article with a little more confidence in your beard care needs. While you can grow a beard without any kind of beard care help, why struggle when you can ease the process? Check out our site,

and see the awesome products we offer. If you have any questions, visit our contact us page and give us a holler!

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