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The Science Behind Beard Oil

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Beard oil has almost become a necessity for maintaining a healthy beard, but why does it work?

As most guys already know, growing a beard does not always come easy. Your skin will itch, flake, and begin to feel dry. Your beard hair will grow in every direction, look dry and brittle, and even stop growing. I'm going to tell you why your skin and hair tend to have these uncomfortable symptoms and I will tell you why beard oil is going to help you relieve those symptoms.

Why does your skin itch and flake? Its a simple explanation, your body naturally produces an oil called (Sebum oil) to hydrate your skin and keep it from cracking and drying out on normal conditions. It is what protects your skin from the elements.

Well, as you begin to grow out your beard, your hair will also need these same oils to keep it hydrated. The itch tends to set in once your hair is about 5mm long because your face can not produce enough Sebum oil to hydrate your skin and your hair at the same time. You start to scratch your face and it begins to flake. If you keep growing your hair and power through the itchy phase, you will notice that your beard looks dry, uncontrolled, and unhealthy. This happens because your skin is still not able to keep up with producing the amount of Sebum oil needed to hydrate the hair and skin.

This is where Beard Oil comes in. Whether you have had a beard for many years or you are just starting to grow one, beard oil will soon become your best friend if you are lucky enough to find the right one.

Many beard oil businesses think that it is fine to just toss some essential oils in a batch of vegetable or olive oil, bottle it up and sell it for $20-50. These oils do not work! Vegetable oil and olive oil are made up of large molecules that are not easily absorbed by the skin so you are left with a slimy oily look on your hair and skin.

Instead of these "fake" oils, find a beard oil that contains multiple carrier oils that are made of all natural products that are readily absorbed into your skin and hair. These natural oils will seep into the pores in the epidermis and hydrate the skin under your beard. Your hair and face will thank you and your symptoms of owning a beard will be relieved.

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