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Why Care, About Beard Care?

Why would I buy beard care products? My beard hair grows fine on its own.

old fashion razor and beard care

Yea, we know what your thinking...

It's a gimmick, I'm not buying it.

Questions are not uncommon when it comes to beard care. Beard hair grows naturally, why would I need to buy something to "make it grow"? While "making it grow" is one of the benefits of using beard care products, it's more of a benefit of the benefits. To start this whole thing off, let's take a look at the founder and CEO of Jimbob's Grizzly Beard Care participating in a "No Beard Care Challenge".

We think he really hit the nail on the head! Healthy skin and healthy hair promote growth. When you start a daily beard care routine, you start to nourish the skin beneath your beard and strengthen the hair that's already grown. The main ingredients in our oil AND balm are natural carrier oils that closely resemble the oil produced by your body (sebum oil) to help protect your skin and facial hair. The longer your beard grows, the harder it is for your body to keep up with the necessary oil needed to protect your skin and hair; that's where Jimbob's Grizzly Beard Care comes in. Applying our oil keeps your skin soft, hydrated, and protected! Is your beard getting out of control? Have no fear, Jimbob's balm is here! Our medium hold balm helps tame flyaways and keep your beard in fighting shape. Another upside to our Balm is, when paired with our oil, it helps the needed nutrients better absorb into your skin.

Okay, so you're convinced!

Now, why would you choose our product?

Now, we're not here to toot our own horn; but we make some pretty badass products. One of the things we pride our selves in is making our products with nothing but all

natural oils and just a hint of essential oils for scent. What we DON'T do, is fill our oils with... well, filler! On the ingredients of some beard care products, you will see things like vegetable oil. While it's technically an oil, it's not quite good for you. Vegetable oil doesn't absorb well in your skin. Applying oils or other beard care products that have a vegetable oil base will leave your skin feeling greasy, slimy and quite frankly, uncomfortable. Looking to try out what we have to offer? Check out our oil or balm pages and pick your self of a sample pack and try them all!

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